#153: Do Less To Achieve More with Dr. Greg Wells


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We are joined by Dr. Greg Wells who is the author of the book Rest, Refocus, Recharge. We discussed some of the things that are discussed in his book. He shares some strategies on why doing less will actually achieve more, how to stop reacting to things and be more deliberate, taking full control of your love, refocusing your attention and how you can stop being a slave to busyness.

02:05 Slowing Down 04:05 Sleeping As A Tool Tool To Recharge 07:29 Doing Less To Achieve More In A Day To Day Life 08:51 Pump The Breaks, Open More Space and Have More Control 11:29 You Don't Need To Do What Other People Expect Of You 13:39 From External Validation To Intrinsic Motivation 14:26 Stop Reacting And Start Being Deliberate With What You're Doing 17:08 Metacognition 21:41 Reaction versus Response 24:50 Helping Kids With Cystic Fibrosis 26:53 Pay Attention To What We Have 29:59 Multitasking Can Lead To Distractions 37:22 Get Away From Your Device - "123 Practice" 39:28 The Psychology Of Being In The Water 43:17 Bring Your Attention Right Back Into The Present Moment 48:00 It's Process Not Outcome

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