#154: Eliminate Bad Habits And Master The Fundamentals With Andrew Read


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In today's episode, we are joined by a lifelong trainer and athlete Andrew Read as he talks about his program 28-day Challenge. Andrew talks through how important going back to the basics is and some of the necessary skills to influence your success at living a healthy lifestyle.

4:19 Creating A Mindset Component 5:32 Going Back To The Basics Matters 12:40 Understand How You Learn Best. 15:32 Cut To The Chase 17:35 Your Body Is Built For Walking. 20:59 Consistency Makes The Biggest Difference. 23:53 Starting From Scratch 25:02 Give It Time 28:10 Carrot And Stick Approach 31:46 Identify What Triggers Your Bad Habits And Make A Plan 35:35: Change Starts With You 37:22 Asking the Right Questions

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