#170: How To Make Your Swimming Feel "Effortless"


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In this episode, I want to talk about making your swimming effortless. I have been watching about Lionel Sanders, a professional triathlete has put up in his swimming recently which he has titled "Stop Sucking At Swimming" and he is basically trying to improve his swimming to be a front pack swimmer in his swim and not lose so much ground on his swim. It has been interesting hearing him talk about the things that he is going through and how he is going to change his mindset and his approach to swimming.

00:56 Try Less To Go Faster 02:35 Try This The Next Time You Are In The Pool 04:22 Effortless Swimming? 05:16 Not Going To Happen Every Time 05:37 Do A Longer Warm-Up 06:36 Sets That Progressively Get Quicker 08:16 Get Your Technique Looked At And Be Consistent

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