#151: Are You Swimming With Enough Intensity To Get Better With Tim Ballintine


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Tim Ballantine is a full-time endurance coach and the owner of Koa Sports. In this episode, he shares about being a coach, finding your passion, not having all the answers and intensity in training.

02:56 Coaching Philosophy 05:30 "You've Got To Find What Works For You" 06:17 You Can't Be All Things To All People 07:01 "It's Not The Words, It's How You Say Them" 09:25 "If You Don't Like It, You're Not Going To Last Very Long" 10:31 There Is No Cookie Cutter Here 14:48 Swimming As A Barrier To Entry In Triathlon 19:02 Coaching Remotely 20:18 "Don't Be Afraid To Say That You Don't Have All The Answers" 24:20 Injecting Intensity In Swimming 31:19 There's Always Something To Work On

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