#158: Training Your Mind To Finish An 894km Race with Melissa Urie


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Melissa Urie is the first woman to complete 895km Uberman Ultra-Triathlon. In this podcast episode, she shares her experience during the race, doing training, and getting through the race with the use of mental strategies to survive the tough times.

5:22 Training For Uberman 10:23 The Power of A Positive Mindset 12:43 Proving Yourself That You Can Do It 13:51 Building Your Confidence 17:29 Giving Up Is Not An Option! 19:15 Post Race: Mental And Physical Recovery 25:24 Moving Forward By Going Back To Basics 29:18 Finding Identity Outside Of Sports Is Important Too 31:47 Overcoming Imposter Syndrome 40:52 Training Session Management 43.24 Combat Decision Fatigue With Better Mental Habits 46:48 How To Trick Yourself Into Doing The Hard Things 55:00 What Keeps You Going?

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