#173:1:45 to 1:30/100m in 12 Months with Chung-Haun Li


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My guest today is Chung-Haun Li who has been on our Stroke Analysis Membership for 12 months. I have asked Chung-Haun to guest in our podcast to share his story and improvement for the last 12 months because he's had a pretty significant improvement with his time and technique. 01:14 12 Months Ago 02:29 I Didn't Know What's Wrong With My Stroke 05:03 " The Only Thing That I Know Is That I Am Slow And I Didn't Know What To DO" 08:19 Improving My Balance 11:55 Improving My Stroke Rate 15:42 Your Threshold Speed Is Just A Percentage OF Your Top Speed 19:41 Planned Work Out 20:51 Frustrations

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