01 - How to Successfully Launch and Run English Schools in Japan with Ian Simpson


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How to Successfully Launch and Run English Schools in Japan with Ian Simpson

In this episode, Ian Simpson tells us how to successfully launch and run English schools in Japan. Ian begins by telling us he didn't have the best of starts to his entrepreneurial career, being £15,000 in debt. He tells us how he got started, what worked for him and how he maintains his success, what success means to him, and his plans for the future.

Ian Simpson is Owner of Queen's Education Co.,Ltd and the pioneer of Active English in Japan.

Ian was born in the UK near London and grew up in Wales where he worked for 17 years as a high school PE Teacher and member of the school Senior Management Team.

In 1999 he moved to Japan to be a Professional Rugby Coach. After doing this for a number of years, Ian opened his own school in Mie Ken. He has developed an innovative system called “The Edge” for analyzing a students English performance using “ real time” analysis software.

He is also the pioneer of “Active English “ in Japan, teaching English through human movement, and is presently creating a 48 lesson “ turn key “ course for kids in collaboration with “Maple Leaf Publishing “ - this course will be available to purchase in 2021 along with teacher training.

Ian is also a “Churchill Fellow” being one of only a select group of people in the UK to be awarded this Winston Churchill Medal for his services to education and sports coaching.

His hobbies are surfing, rugby , cycling and podcasting.

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