Season 2 - Zsuzsanna Smith on The Challenges of Entrepreneurship and Starting Over in Business


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Today's guest is Zsuzsanna Smith. Zsuzsanna and I talk about being an entrepreneur, the pitfalls and challenges that go with starting out on one's own, and how to bounce back and start over when things do go to plan.
An Early Childhood Educator by trade, Zsuzsanna specializes in student-centric teaching skills and curriculum design. As a Teacher Trainer at the Helen Doron she trained over a 1000 teachers in 17 countries, while she was also involved in quality assurance, curriculum development and creating instructional guides for parents and teachers. In 2019, Zsuzsanna moved to the USA and started her own consulting service for online experts who want to streamline their education-based content and maximize their online course conversion & retention rates.

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