Gender, Your Guide with Dr. Lee Airton


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Do you ever wish that there was a guide to help you navigate and understand our new gender culture? Do you find yourself wondering which pronoun to use and when? Or have you ever wanted a guide on how to be an effective ally to the LGBTQ and transgender community, especially given the recent attacks on those communities by the Trump administration? This episode explores the book "Gender: Your Guide..." with Dr. Lee Airton, which is a primer in a sense on "what to know, what to do, and what to say" in our new gender culture.

Dr. Airton is the founder of the blog They Is My Pronoun, a Q+A-based blog about gender-neutral pronoun usage and user support with over 30,000 unique visitors in 2017 alone.

They are also the founder of the No Big Deal Campaign, a national social media initiative that helps people show support for transgender peoples' right to have their pronouns used.



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