Electromaker Show Episode 4 - Overclocked Raspberry Pi 4 8GB, Pi-Top 4, and More


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Welcome to the Electromaker Show, episode 4! The week of June 22, 2020 saw an overclocked Raspberry Pi 4 8GB model being used as a desktop, Windows 10-lookalike Linux distro Linuxfx 10, crowdfunded Raspberry Pi laptops, and more!

*Overclocked Raspberry Pi 4 8GB: https://bigl.es/raspberry-pi-4-8gb-desktop-setup/

*Linuxfx 10: https://fossbytes.com/linuxfx-10-review/

*PL1-0 universal sensor interface: https://www.crowdsupply.com/newsteder/pl1-0-universal-sensor-interface#details-top

*Pi-top [4] Raspberry Pi 4 kit: https://www.pi-top.com/products/pi-top-4

*GreatScott! LoRa automated greenhouse: https://youtu.be/2YJHcGQnpAk

*Slide-climbing time-lapse robot: https://youtu.be/-3w_SpN8xUc

*Sand writing robot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6IIcoQ3-C0&feature=youtu.be

*Real-world Chrome Jumping Dino game: https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/ryanchan/chrome-dinosaur-game-controlled-in-real-life-310d2c

Point.IoT Discover Galileo Challenge: https://point-iot.eu

Electromaker website: https://www.electromaker.io

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