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In this 100th episode, Veronica Morgan and Chris Bates offer up their top 10 moments to celebrate the overwhelming success of the Elephant in the Room Property Podcast. This is a cracker of an episode that packages up the most interesting stories, powerful tips and unique insights… You’re welcome!

Veronica Morgan Top 5 picks

  • Episode 28 - Lynette Malcolm - Buyers’ remorse and looking at the big picture.
  • Episode 35 - Jane Slack Smith - How to use filters in choosing successful investment properties.
  • Episode 54 - Jennie Tonner - Risks of buying within the cooling off period.
  • Episode 68 - Karen Stiles - A horror story of purchasing from an off-the-plan project
  • Episode 81 - Eliza Owen - What led to the recent market correction?

Chris Bates Top 5 Picks

  • Episode 40 - Simon Kuestenmacher - Challenges for developers in the city.
  • Episode 58 - Nerida Conisbee - Why micro market numbers matter more
  • Episode 87 - Kerry Hunt - How has building inspections and certifications changed over time?
  • Episode 89 - Brendan Coates - Why tax policy on property negatively impacts the economy?
  • Episode 72 - Tim Sharp ‘Dr Happy’ - How our societal motivations and emotions impact our buying decisions.


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