Ep 101 - Veronica Morgan & Chris Bates | What to expect in 2020


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Starting off the beginning of the year with this jam packed episode. Veronica Morgan & Chris Bates talk all about their outlook for the 2020 property market. We feature insights from trusted experts and their views for Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane market.

Here’s what we cover:

  • What we anticipate for Sydney in 2020

  • How supply and demand drive property prices

  • A historical look at clearance rates

  • Are sales agents putting more listings off market?

  • Why Sydney has had the fastest property price growth in 31 years?

  • Reporting lag, how far behind is it from actual market numbers?

  • Why property buyers from 2012 are making a return into the 2020 market

  • Why First home buyer incentives drive prices up

  • Will there be a cultural shift from houses to town houses?

  • What are the big predictions for 2020?

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