Ep 102 - Louis Christopher | Research data - 2020 Boom or Bust?


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Today we pick the brains of Louis Christopher, Australia’s most recognised and respected property analyst and Founder of SQM Research. SQM specialises in providing accurate research and data to financial institutions, professionals and investors. Louis provides his predictions for the 2020 property market and gives essential information regarding factors that shift property prices.

Here’s what we covered:

  • What is the primary reason property doesn't sell

  • How Sydney's Northwest and Hills district diluted the Sydney property market

  • How does a low building commencement rate impact the economy

  • Why market forces barely impact the current property market

  • Are low interest rates driving asset price inflation

  • Why major contractions would devastate the economy

  • What are the essential factors to property demand

  • What are the property forecasts for 2020

GUEST LINKS:Click HERE, for Louis Christopher’s Boom or Bust report Follow Louis Christopher on Twitter https://sqmresearch.com.au/

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