Ep 103 - Amanda Farmer | Strata owners - rights & obligations


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Amanda Farmer returns to the Elephant in the Room Property Podcast to discuss all things Strata. Amanda is the Director of Lawyers Chambers on Riley and Founder of Your Strata Property. With 16 years under her belt as a specialist Strata Lawyer, Amanda is a respected and well known authority in the property market. In this Episode Amanda opens up on the rights and obligations of strata owners and looks at the case study of Mascot and Opal Tower.

Here's what we covered:

  • How building defects impact strata owners
  • What are the strata challenges facing Mascot and Opal Tower
  • How to have your say as a strata owner?
  • Is Opal Tower legally obliged to repair the building?
  • What are your rights as a strata owner
  • Why your strata report is important
  • How to learn more as a strata owner
  • How embedded network contracts can impact strata owners
  • The importance of strata meetings
  • Why you should always do your due diligence

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