Bernard Gallagher | Urban Design: What will future Australia look like?


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Has Covid sped up and/or changed the direction that modern Australian cities will take? Bernard Gallagher, Owner and Regional Director of Ethos Urban. Ethos Urban has played an instrumental role in developing Barangaroo, Central Park and the recent redevelopment of Darling Harbour. Bernard and our host discuss the future of Australian cities, and pitting it against how Covid has impacted the rate at which our cities adapt to the new needs and wants of consumers.Here’s what we covered:

  • How will Covid change the way we design cities in the future?
  • What is urban renewal and why is it so important?
  • Will the work from home movement change what consumers look for in property now?
  • Is the current urban plan of our cities good enough?
  • Are developers pushing on with pre-covid plans or are they changing their direction?
  • Will road redevelopments and expansion be possible in the near future?
  • Will people go back to the office at the end of Covid?
  • Will Sydney shape up to be a pedestrian city?
  • What will urban designers do to create a more accessible city?
  • Is there hope for Sydney to have high speed rail in the future?

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