Ep 85 - Nicki Hutley | Go out or go up - the ongoing density argument


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Nicki Hutley is a Partner at Deloitte Access Economics, where she leads the Urban Advisory practice.

Nikki’s worked for three decades in the field of urban economics addressing issues such as affordable housing, social & economic infrastructure investment, urban renewal, precinct planning, climate mitigation & social policies.

Who better to help us tackle the question of whether Australia’s cities are full? We debate a wide range of topics, including:

  • Will technology profoundly change the way we work & will it help regional Australia to thrive?

  • Australian cities are among the least dense in the world so can we afford to go up?

  • What type of housing do we actually need to fill the ‘missing middle’?

  • How can population growth benefit the economy?

  • Busting 3 big myths: will robots take our jobs, is the workforce becoming too casualised & is remote working the answer?

  • How can density be done well & why is it necessary?

  • Can technology help us better manage climate risks?

Have a listen & please let us know your thoughts.

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