How To Get Better Skin Naturally, The Skin Microbiome, Common Mistakes Of Skin Care, And Secrets Of Skin Health With Jennifer Fugo


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In this episode, I am speaking with Jennifer Fugo—a clinical nutritionist empowering women who have been failed by conventional medicine to beat chronic skin and gut challenges—about the skin microbiome, common skin care mistakes, how to get better skin naturally, and more.

In this podcast, Jennifer will cover:

  • The secret hidden root causes of skin rashes • Do food allergies cause skin rashes? (The answer will shock you!) • The most common skin care mistakes • The best oil for your skin (It isn’t what you think) • Is my gut health affecting my skin? (The link between the gut and skin microbiome) • How to get better skin naturally from the inside out • The emotional impact having a skin condition may have on people (And how you can support friends and family who struggle with it)

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