A Wartime Plan for Electrifying America


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What if someone told you that we have everything we need to decarbonize most of the economy?

We would just need to start electrifying every new car, furnace, water heater, drier, and cookstove, and industrial process starting right now. And yeah, and put solar on every roof that can handle it.

This week: a wartime plan for winning the climate fight with clean electricity. What’ll it take? How possible is it?

Saul Griffith is our guest co-host. He’s the founder and chief scientist of Rewiring America. He’s also the author of the upcoming book “Electrify,” from MIT Press.

If we are on a wartime footing for decarbonizing the economy, Saul could be considered a 5-star general of the “electrify everything” movement.

He founded or co-founded around a dozen companies and organizations. And he has a PhD from MIT in materials science and information theory.

Saul is now trying to marshal the world around his “a defensible and believable” pathway for decarbonizing America with clean electricity.

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