Makeway, The Marble Wall Game – Elyasaf Shweka – Ep79


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Makeway, The Marble Wall Game – Elyasaf Shweka – Ep79

Elyasaf is an Industrial Designer and a self-taught Carpenter. He lives in Jerusalem, Israel and has his own small wood work shop. He is the creator the amazing Makeway marble wall game.

His family ran a construction company and Elyasaf worked there as a project manager. However, his passion was in design and creation.

He started working with wood and creating YouTube videos about how to create different products from wood. He even created a wood cajone (a type of drum).

He tried to create a business around the wood working passion. He was creating various projects but his products were not selling.

So next he started the Makeway game. It started with his own fascination with clock works, gears, and things moving in interesting ways.

After 2 years of full-time effort, using his own designs and 2 Prusa printers, he completed the full game. (you really need to go to his kickstarter campaign and watch the video to fully appreciate how cool it is).

Next he launched his still-running (as of April 2020) Kickstarter campaign. We talk about all the steps he took to launch a campaign that is already super successful (over $1 million raised).

I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and learned a few new things as well

Number one tip:

Value good design, bad design is very obvious



Kickstarter campaign:

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