Open Source SLA 3D Printing – Dean Piper – Ep46


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Open Source SLA 3D Printing – Dean Piper – Ep46

This week my guest is Dean Piper. He is the founder of mUVe 3D, which is the manufacturer of open source SLA printers. The website is

I have quite a bit of experience running the Form2 resin printer for over 6 months now, so this conversation was very interesting to me. We talk in detail about DLP versus laser printers. We discuss why SLA printing seems to be more reliable than FDM printing (this is my experience).

There is a lot of technical talk in this conversation, which I think many of you will enjoy. We also cover Dean’s background and how he started the business.

I’m very tempted to purchase one of his machines and I may do that in the future. I’ll be sure to make a podcast out of my experience if I do.

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