Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) – John Laslavic– Ep64


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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) – John Laslavic– Ep64

If you are an engineer at a mid to large company, you are well aware what PLM is. But if not, hopefully this episode will teach you a few things.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is how companies organize the process of creating and modifying products. Traditionally this applied to just the CAD data itself. This is important because if multiple engineers are working on a file, the system will keep the data organized so that everyone knows what the latest revision is and the status of the project (is the CAD in process, under review, or ready for tooling, and so on).

John is the CEO and founder of Upchain is changing PLM by organizing the entire supply chain, not just the CAD data. This makes the entire product management smoother. After the CAD is done, other departments still have work to do like getting quotes for tooling. Upchain organizes this process.

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