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▪ Kudos to Brentford for winning that game but daaamn Arsenal played really badly.Arsenal don’t even look like a top 10 premier league team,no quality in the squad,playing system or style...They are just dull.Pepe(72M £ signing) is the worst signing in premier league history! And Ben white is allergic to the ball.
▪ Paul Pogba gets 4 assist in the first game of the season against Leeds United a d Bruno Fernandez gets himself a hat trick, Glory Manchester United..
▪Manchester United finally announces Raphael varane he gets the number 19 Jersey which was amads number , now Amad moves to number 16.. Phil Jones apparently refused to give up his number 4.
▪ A kane - less spurs wins against Manchester city thanks to son. I guess their new signing jack Grealish could not save them.
▪ west ham destroy Newcastle
▪ Rafa Benitez gets his first win as an Everton manager.

All this and more on this weeks episode.

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