#391: Opportunity Through Persistence with Cordia Harrington


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If we’re honest with ourselves, sometimes we, as business leaders, expect opportunity to show up on our doorstep like the pizza delivery guy. But most of the time? Opportunity knocks in a much more subtle way—it’s faint and far off, and you’ve got to go out and find it. Sometimes, you’ve got to create it. And no one knows that better than The Bakery Cos. founder and CEO Cordia Harrington, fondly known around here as the Bun Lady. From her early days as a real estate agent in Russellville, Arkansas, Cordia has taken a “never give up” approach to business and seen it pay off in major ways. Tune in to hear how she’s built a business and team that’s continuing to grow and thrive—even in the middle of a global pandemic.


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