100: Make 2019 Your Most Impactful Year Yet with Dr. Meghan Walker, ND


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We have finally reached episode 100! And with this milestone, here’s what I really want to unpack today, going into the new year: the notion of being enough and acknowledging that we are enough. I really want to focus on this concept and some of the things I’ve had to do, personally, to truly step into this place.

When I really started leaning into this place of “I am enough” and legitimately start to get it (and not just pretend for Instagram), things began to shift for me in a monumental way — and I want you to be able to achieve this, too.

I want you to look at 2019 as your year of groundedness and reflect on the honesty you need to have with yourself so you have the opportunity to truly step into this place of I am enough.

Let’s make 2019 the best year, the biggest year, and the most impactful year of your life!

Key Takeaways:

[:25] About today’s episode.

[3:38] The concept of “I am enough” and growth (my word for 2018).

[5:02] What happened until I embraced the concept of “I am enough.”

[6:51] My challenge to all of you: seek clarity and honesty around where your desire for growth comes from.

[7:55] I want you to strive towards a place where you’re truly grateful for the things you have created and take the action that you need to take in your life so that you feel settled in that.

[8:43] Exploring where I want to go in 2019 and the commitment I’ve made to myself.

[10:35] I want you to look at 2019 as your year of groundedness!

[11:29] The exciting format changes for the podcast going forward!

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I want you to start the new year with the right attitude! Take the time you need to think up (or write down in your journal) where your desire for growth and betterment come from. Does it come from a place of needing to prove to yourself you are enough? Or does it come from a place of growth for the sake of growth? Really be honest with yourself! And remember to follow-up on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you are accountable, you are helpable.

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