107: Habits and Priorities to Avoid Burnout While Running an Empire (and a Household) with Lori Kennedy


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It is an honour to have my friend and colleague Lori Kennedy back on The Entrepology Podcast! What I love about having Lori on is because it feels like we’re both just sitting here with a glass of wine, shooting back and forth about what it takes to be an optimized entrepreneur, how to support people in living their best possible lives, and getting completely real on our very own struggles as we attempt to do these things in our own life.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being on Lori’s podcast, The Business of Becoming, where we started to talk about what it really takes to grow a business. Today, we’re going to contrast that conversation by talking about how to avoid burnout — because working harder and hustling is not necessarily what makes us strong and effective entrepreneurs. Working smartly with ease and strategy — and by confronting the things that are getting in the way of our optimal energy — that’s how we truly achieve greatness.

Tune in to hear all of Lori’s nuggets of wisdom on how to avoid burnout, truly show up to your business, and up your game — personally and professionally!

Key Takeaways:

[1:00] About today’s episode with my friend Lori Kennedy!

[2:46] About our conversation on Lori’s podcast, The Business of Becoming, and how we’re continuing the conversation today.

[3:10] Lori introduces herself and talks about what she’s been up to lately!

[4:57] Lori describes what it means to “kick it up a few levels” or “up your game.”

[10:29] What Lori has changed in her life to up her game.

[13:45] About Lori’s self-care rituals in the morning and why they work so well for her.

[19:37] The science and opportunity cost behind decision making.

[20:26] How long it took for Lori to find the rhythm of avoiding burnout and showing up to your business.

[28:24] How Lori has offloaded some of her responsibilities and her recommendations on how you can too.

[34:48] The difference between ease and easy!

[37:36] How guilt and shame have served Lori’s journey as an entrepreneur.

[41:32] Is dealing with all your sh*t a prerequisite to being a successful entrepreneur?

[43:37] Lori’s key performance indicators!

[47:00] Where to find Lori online.

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More About Lori Kennedy

Lori Kennedy is the founder and CEO of The Wellness Business Hub which provides professional training and personal development for health practitioners looking to build and grow their businesses online. She’s also a mom, and lover of all things related to coffee. Lori’s two foundational programs The Wellness Business Academy and The 10K Success System are growing a powerful community of health leaders who are transforming the way healthcare is done all over the world. She is also the host of The Business of Becoming Podcast for entrepreneurs who want to build the business and life of their dreams… all on their own terms.

Connect with my Guest:

Website: The Wellness Business Hub

Social Media: Instagram and Facebook

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Avoiding burnout is surprisingly simple — it’s all about doing your own thing and doing the things that energize you outside of your work! Meditation, yoga, stretching — simply taking time for yourself is key. And remember, Lori does the self-care that works for her so make sure to find the perfect matches for you. And be sure to follow-up with us on The Entrepology Podcast Facebook page — because when you are accountable, you are helpable.

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