166: Biz: Right Now Your Brand Matters More Than It Has Ever Mattered Before: What You Should Be Doing with Laura Beauparlant


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Right now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot going on for all of us in the world! But even in the middle of this chaos, there’s an opportunity to pause and self-reflect on our business.

My guest today, Laura Beauparlant, is encouraging us to do just that! She is the founder of Lab Creatives and is one of my absolutely favorite people to discuss the topics of brand and branding! In her 20 years as a designer and 15 years as an entrepreneur, Laura has learned that aligning purpose with brand design is the key to success in business.

In this episode, we have an amazing conversation about how to create a three-dimensional brand and the opportunity that we all have to reevaluate what our brand means and how we put it into the world!

Key Takeaways:

[:53] About today’s episode and guest!

[2:04] Welcoming Laura Beauparlant to the podcast!

[2:47] Laura shares more about her background and why she is so incredibly passionate about branding!

[5:37] Laura defines ‘brand’ and what makes up a powerful brand.

[7:38] Laura recommends some early steps to take when you’re just starting out in reevaluating and reworking your brand.

[11:10] When it comes to building a brand personality, what are some of the most important attributes?

[16:14] Laura highlights the risks associated with sloppy or inconsistent branding.

[21:58] Laura shares her guidelines for sharing on social media.

[27:27] The three key elements that entrepreneurs really need to look at in order to up

level their brand.

[32:37] Laura’s key performance indicators!

[35:15] Where to learn more about Laura is up to in this world!

[35:59] Thanking Laura for joining the podcast!

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More About Laura Beauparlant

Laura Beauparlant is an award-winning international keynote speaker, an expert on branding and design and the author of Brand Chemistry. As the founder and creative director of Lab Creative, her mission is to help ambitious entrepreneurs create strong, memorable brands that consistently attract their ideal clients.

For over 15 years, Laura has helped countless small business owners and entrepreneurs gain confidence and grow their businesses through unforgettable branding.

Connect with my Guest:

Website: LabCreative.ca

@labcreativeinc, Twitter @labcreativeinc, & Instagram @labcreativeinc

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There are three key elements that entrepreneurs really need to look at in order to up level their brand: authenticity, visibility, and consistency. If you can assess your own brand and look at these three things, you’re off to a really good start! Ask yourself: ‘Am I consistent in the tone, feel, and language of my brand? Am I authentic in my message? Does it really truly represent who I am? Am I showing up consistently? Am I showing up online? Can people see me?’ Take some time to answer questions around these three key elements and let us know your answers! What are you doing well? And what do you need to improve upon? Follow up with us on The Entrepology Collective — because when you’re accountable, you’re helpable!

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