1314: Benefiting from Performance Based Marketing with Andy Latimer Founder and Owner of Bluewater Media LLC


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CEO/Founder of converged creative agency Bluewater Media, Andy Latimer is a director/producer with 20+ years of experience in the TV and film industry. Latimer’s storytelling ability crosses genres and categories delivering clients results in sales through D2C response. Bluewater is an expert in digital, social media and influencer marketplace.

“there is going to be roadblocks along the way, there is going to be walls that you are going to hit. Don’t stop there is always a way to go over it, under it, around it or through it. Don’t let limitations stop you, don’t let limitations stop you especially. You are going to hear from person after person after person you can’t, what makes you think you can, why do you think that’s achievable. These are all points of people who are trying to stop your growth and feed you with negativity. Don’t accept the negative, understand that there is always a way, it might not be the easiest way but there is always a way to achieve your goals”…[Listen for More]

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