1470: Giving Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Real World Application with Ian Kane Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Ternio LLC


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Ian Kane is the Founder and COO of Ternio. Ternio provides products to enterprise customers that give blockchain and cryptocurrency real world application. Ternio is best known for their BlockCard, which is a crypto VISA card that allows users to spend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies anywhere that VISA is accepted. Ian has worked in technology & digital media for over 10 years with a heavy focus on business development, sales, and strategy. His career started as the 1st employee in a media startup which grew into a $50mm a year business during his tenure.

“just keep going. It sounds easy but it’s much harder to execute… Persistence is the one factor that determines success. And so, you could fail nine times but if you get up and keep going then the 10th time may be what gets you across the finish line. And so, to have that level of assistance you need to have a lot of conviction in what you are doing… If you see a spark with your business then you need to keep fanning that flame at whatever cost is necessary to get across the finish line ”…[Listen for More]

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