1474: Helping Your Organization And Employees Successfully Navigate Change with Tammy Lynn Guns Co-Founder and Owner of Cancorp Consulting LLC


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Tammy Lynn Guns has corporate industry experience in auditing, business valuations, business development and healthcare operations. Tammy has served on two Board of Directors and has two award winning books. Her education entails earning four college degrees. Tammy is international speaker including a TEDx talk in Dallas, TX and the honorary chair at a conference in Rome.

“get rid of the negative self-talk. I would say that we can be our own worst enemy. We can be the ones that stop ourselves from living the life of our dreams… The voice that is inside of our head… If instead that voice were not inside of our head but it was a person sitting next to us on the couch … We would look at that person the way that they talk to us and we would say you need to leave. You need to get up, you need to go right out of the front door and never talk to me ever again because this is rude this is not acceptable the way that you are talking to me. But yet that same voice that is not a person sitting on the couch but is instead taking up valuable real estate in our head and talking to us all of the time and somehow, we accept that. And so, getting rid of that negative self-talk is absolutely important”…[Listen for More]

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