1476: Removing Choice and Creating Systems to be More Effective with Marc Azoulay Founder and Owner of Marc Azoulay LLC


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Marc Azoulay is a psychotherapist in private practice in Boulder, CO and the current President of the Four Corners Group Psychotherapy Society. He helps clients that have a harmful relationship to their inherent aggression or who are stuck in the pain of their repetition compulsions. Many of his clients struggle with addiction, trauma, and self-harm. Marc helps people uncover and destroy the unconscious barriers that cripple them by using a blend of Modern Psychoanalytic and Contemplative Psychotherapy. His therapeutic style can best be described as irreverent with surprising moments of profound depth.

“connecting with other people that get it: I think that’s a key one. But I think another one that I would add is trying to understand your past, understand your stories. There is a lot of power in the unconscious part of our mind, there is a lot of power in this idea of a heroes journey. In a lot of mythology there is this idea that a hero has an early wound. And for a lot of us that happens in our childhood, maybe it’s trauma, maybe it’s where you are born. And in order to be a hero they go through this whole process where the wound becomes the strength and one is able to incorporate it. And I think if entrepreneurs can really take the time either through psychotherapy or coaching or just through reading books or doing self inquiry they can start to understand their life story and draw power from the things they are ashamed of because everybody has those things. But there is a way to reframe it, a way to fail through it and process it and those become our biggest strengths and those become what eventually contributes to bring our genius out into the world”…[Listen for More]

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