1478: Prioritising Your Capacity Alongside Your Strategy with Lisa Fabrega


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Lisa Fabrega is a personal transformation advisor who supports ambitious women as they strive to create a deep and lasting influence on the world. For more than ten years, she has helped entrepreneurs, corporate executives, Academy Award nominees and Nobel Prize organization candidates in breaking through boundaries that have been holding them back. Her signature approach involves the proven concept of capacity expansion to enable clients to reach their highest levels of success and impact. Lisa has addressed thousands of people both on stage as a keynote speaker as well as appearing on podcasts including The Unmistakable Creative, Her Rules Radio and Tell Me A Story with Debra Silverman. She’s also been featured on CNN, Yahoo! News and The Huffington Post. She splits her time between Florida and California with her two rescue dogs, Luna and Sadie.

“please do not move forward into your big plans for this year without including working on your capacity in there. Don’t just jump into a strategy that you don’t have capacity to handle. Make sure you are prioritising your capacity alongside your strategy”…[Listen for More]

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