1479: Doing a Few Simple Things Every Day to Become Successful with Marx Acosta-Rubio Founder and Owner of Onestop Inc


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After losing his first fortune, Marx Acosta-Rubio was sharing a bottle of wine with his wife when he asked her, What did she really want out of life? They talked for hours about what truly mattered to them. That’s when he decided to make sure his next fortune was for his family to get everything they really wanted. Marx dropped out of law school to become an entrepreneur and started one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. He’s gone from rags to riches to rags to riches again and learned along the way what real success looks like. Now he shares his wisdom with other entrepreneurs so they don’t fall into the traps and paralysis that keeps them from the life they actually want to be living.

“relax, be ambitious but be relaxed, think, get out of the busy trap, reach out to mentors who have not only just done it but you believe can teach you pearls of wisdom to help you. And don’t take it so seriously it’s just money… Put your health first… The minute you stop enjoying something take a break and go what is going on and then ask yourself the question and then figure out how you can change that. It’s not that difficult”…[Listen for More]

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