1481: Obsessing with the Present Moment with CJ McClanahan


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CJ McClanahan is a sought-after speaker, author and executive coach. For more than 16 years, he has helped hundreds of overachieving professionals achieve record sales and profits. More importantly - he’s taught them how to find more joy and satisfaction in all their hard work.

“live in the moment as clichéd as that might sound. What’s so interesting about our success as entrepreneurs is, we are constantly obsessed with what we are going to do next. And our obsession with what it is we are going to do next keeps us from doing what we are supposed to be doing right now as effectively as possible. When an entrepreneur can reduce their stress, they make really great decisions. Really great decisions lead to growth in your business. Really great decisions are impossible if you are obsessed with stress and anxiety. So, for entrepreneurs I say obsess with the present moment, just be today and focus on what it is you are supposed to do now. The more you do that the more precise the more excellent you are going to be at what it is that you do and the more effective you are going to be at delivering value to your clients, growing your market share and growing your business”…[Listen for More]

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