1486: A Business Designed To Fit Your Life with Oleg Yavorovskiy Founder and Owner of Lifeline Debt Relief Inc DBA Guardian Debt Relief


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Oleg Yavorovskiy is founder and CEO of Guardian Debt Relief, a New York City-based debt settlement company founded in 2012 that has helped thousands of consumers nationally reduce and eliminate unsecured debt. Mr. Yavorovskiy is an expert in personal finance as well as debt relief and debt settlement issues. As founder of Guardian Debt Relief, and having worked in finance earlier in his career at companies including Goldman Sachs, he holds an undergraduate degree in political science and economics from St. John's University. Oleg has also founded successful businesses in the adult day care and food industries.

“don’t be afraid to fail , don’t be afraid to start something that might not possibly work out. But also if you start something new especially if you have a full-time job and you try to start a new business because you have a great idea or you have a great product do your research, make sure you speak to everyone in that field, spend as much time as you can researching it. And also if you are not ready to start full-time try doing it part-time first, try not to concentrate all of your time in the new venture but try to do it part-time outside of your work and then little by little if the opportunity is right it will evolve into a full-time opportunity”…[Listen for More]

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