1487: When Your Business Becomes about Creating Community with Jason Shepherd Co-Founder and Partner of Atlas Real Estate Group


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Jason Shepherd is an investor, entrepreneur, and community builder. For the past several years, his focus has been on optimizing real estate investing and the transactional process as well as galvanizing property ownership's role as host to connect community. Jason is co-founder of an investment fund (DP Assets), a real estate brokerage firm (Atlas Real Estate Group), a wellness based social club (Archipelago) and marketplace technology (REACTIV). It is Jason's goal to lead efforts in reimagining how the world interacts with real estate and the role it plays in how we gather.

“have the right intentions. If you are building a business understand why you are building the business, understanding what your problem solving, not really just looking at it as a pathway to get paid. And if you can do that if you can be intentional it will motivate you beyond when you start making money. Otherwise is going to be a short-term fix. As you start getting paid for your entrepreneurial dreams you are going to realise that there is much, much more so solve that problem now by knowing that really you are solving a big problem and you are really connected to it ”…[Listen for More]

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