1488: Improving Your Leadership to Improve Your Teams Performance with Ryan Dohrn Founder and Owner of Brain Swell Media LLC


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Ryan Dohrn is an Emmy winner and was recognized by Forbes.com with the “Best of the Best” award for his business strategies. Ryan’s focus is sales, leadership and team performance. His passion for sales and marketing has given him the unique opportunity to touch half a billion dollars in revenue for companies in 7 countries.

“if you are going to start a business that is going to be successful and you start it just to make money you are starting it for the wrong reason. If you start a business surrounded around something you are passionate about because you are going to have to put a lot of hours into it. If you are passionate about it it’s okay that you are going to have to spend a lot of hours around it because you are so unbelievably passionate about it the time will fly because you are having so much fun really doing what you are passionate about”…[Listen for More]

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