1489: Why Having a Culture That Is Well-defined Is Important with Juan Carlos Abello Founder and Owner of Nuvola Inc


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Juan Carlos Abello saw the need for a hospitality-focused solution such as Nuvola after working in the hotel industry for more than a decade. His first-hand experience sparked the notion that there has to be a better and easier way for staff to communicate with each other and with their guests. Abello began his career in the hotel industry shortly after moving back to the U.S. at the age of 17. He has worked in nearly every aspect of hotel operations, but always found himself focused on one thing - elevating the guest service experience. It’s his passion for the guest experience that led him to managerial and director of operations roles with leading hotel brands such as Morgans Hotel Group and DoubleTree. It’s also what made him take an interesting career move into technology that later resulted in the development of Nuvola. Following his tenure in the hotel industry, Abello was director of operations at a bourgeoning technology company in Italy called ZeitGroup. Discovering the ways in which technology can be used to successfully manage business operations, he was encouraged to take his passion for the hotel industry and his insight into technology to create a new career for himself. Abello foresaw the ways in which a cloud-based software would be able to connect hoteliers and their guests. His unique blend of experience bred the concept for Nuvola and feeds Abello’s passion for its mission to bridge the gap between the hospitality industry and those it serves. Abello graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida International University with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business. He also earned a Masters of Business Administration in General Management from Emory University.

“you need to make sure that you have a culture that is well-defined. Even if it changes overall the core values of it you have to make sure that they are there and you don’t change them. And make sure that the first five co-workers that you hire are committed with you for the long run and that they have the flexibility, they can adapt to what could potentially, and it always always happens, to vast changes that are going to happen in your business. So, don’t be quick to hire, follow your intuition but make sure that you get that by in”…[Listen for More]

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