1491: Simplifying and Growing Your Business with Sharon Cully Founder and Owner of Simply Processes


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Sharon Cully is the founder of Simply Processes, where she helps entrepreneurs find the time to grow their business, make more money and create more freedom. With 15+ years’ experience working with leading global brands, Sharon has helped companies around the world increase performance, minimize costs and meet customer's needs. She now helps entrepreneurs scale up by gaining control of their business processes.

“what I found was the skills and experience that I have seem quite ordinary to me but that others find those skills to be very helpful. And so things that come naturally to me and I think will surely if I can do it everyone can do it, actually that’s not the case. So I have learned that it’s a great idea to figure out what your strengths are, what you find easy, what people thank you for and to go after those as a basis for your business if you are interested in going into business for yourself. And that way you will not only enjoy the work that you do but you will be able to help others who really don’t find it as easy as you do to do the things that you do ”…[Listen for More]

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