1496: Self-doubt Is like a Stop Sign in Your Mind: You Have Just Got to Move past it with Tim Campbell and Joel Deitz Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Giftcast LLC


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As the founders of GiftCast, Tim Campbell and Joel Deitz each bring over 20 years of experience, expertise, strategy and entrepreneurial skills and have developed the first ever mobile gifting app, which they created in 2017. The app allows users to send a video and money gift through your phone.

“always believe in yourself and your vision. There is going to be challenges, there is going to be people who second-guess you, they will second-guess you and your idea, there is going to be times when you actually second-guess yourself, you are going to get down. You are going to wonder should I keep doing this, is it ever going to make it, should I just stop now? But don’t. There is no better feeling when someone buys your product for the first time and it has a positive impact on whatever they are doing”…[Listen for More]

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