1497: Being an Entrepreneur Is Never a Straight Line with Woodrow Levin Founder and Owner of Extend Inc


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Woodrow Levin is the Founder and CEO of Extend, an API-first solution company that allows any merchant to offer extended warranties and protection plans on the products they sell to their customers in order to drive incremental bottom line net income, increase purchase conversions, and create more loyal customers through an elegant customer experience

“ask yourself what drives you? Why do you want to build this company? Is it because you want to help a family member? Is it because you want to grow a business? Is it because you want to become rich? And there is nothing wrong with that. What motivates you? Because you are true to yourself and you are honest with yourself about why you are doing this then you can really move towards success. If you say you are doing it because you say you want to help people but all you want to do is make money then how you go about it is going to be misaligned. You need to figure out what drives you and use that in order to drive business and your team forward”…[Listen for More]

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