1498: Building a Business Around the Beach Not the Beach Around a Business with Troy Hazard Founder and Owner of Troy Hazard International


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Our next guest is a serial entrepreneur, who has founded and nurtured thirteen businesses over three decades. He has also been a ‘leader of leaders’, having served as International President of the elite Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Troy Hazard now shares his experiences through his speaking engagements, his media appearances, and his books.

“be vulnerable I suppose is the simplest way to look at it. And by that I mean be open and honest and real with your true position as a business leader with the true position of the businesses you lead and the true position of people you lead. And if you can be vulnerable and open what you tend to do is ask more questions. And the more questions you ask the more interesting answers your receive and the more knowledge you will gain because of those answers”…[Listen for More]

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