1500: Making Your Business a Smart Business with Chad Parks Founder and Owner of Ubiquity Retirement and Savings


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Chad Parks is the Founder and CEO of Ubiquity Retirement + Savings, a financial technology company that pioneered online, flat-fee retirement plans for the historically under-served small business market. Headquartered in San Francisco, the firm has helped more than 7,000 businesses contribute over $2.25 billion toward retirement savings since 1999.

“don’t forget to make and take time for yourself. As entrepreneurs, as business owners, as leaders we will generally tend to work ourselves too hard. The quote that he said (Tom Peters) zombies make lousy leaders. My advice is absolutely get a hold of your schedule, get a handle on your schedule, make it very systematised… Getting a hold of your schedule and create blocks of time where you don’t have interruptions. Create blocks of times where you will take meetings, create blocks of time where it’s a free day for yourself. And set the expectations… ”…[Listen for More]

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