1514: Why You Should Not be Everything to Everyone with Waldon Fenster Founder and Owner of Venture Studio LLC


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Waldon Fenster is the creator of over 50 startups. Experienced CEO with a demonstrated history of working with corporations & startups to launch or turn around companies. Skilled in Sales, Entrepreneurship, Development along with Marketing & Tech process creation. Strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Science (BS) from the University of Wyoming.

“surround yourself with people that are smarter and better than you. If you are the smartest person in the room you are a big fish in a small pond. But overall if you are filling a room full of those hundred millionaires and those billionaires and the people that have what you want you are going to become the average of those five people. The term out there is birds of a feather flock together”…[Listen for More]

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