1517: Preparing for Opportunities That Will Walk in Front of You at Some Point with Phil Strazzulla Investor and Owner of Select Software Reviews


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Phil Strazzulla is a finance nerd turned entrepreneur. Phil started investing in the stock market when he was 12, but set his sights on starting a company after an internship at a two person company during college. After graduating from NYU, Phil began his career working in venture capital at Bessemer Venture Partners before getting his MBA at Harvard Business School. He's a self taught programmer who has started two bootstrapped technology companies. He now spends most of his time working on SelectSoftware, a site dedicated to providing in depth and unbiased reviews of business software. Outside of work, Phil is working on his yoga poses, meditation practice, sous vide skills, and golf swing. When not enjoying the many benefits of working from home, you can find him traveling around the world to escape his arch nemesis, the dreaded Boston weather.

“understand bias, understand your own bias and understand other people’s bias especially when you are starting off… People take their experiences and kind of regurgitate them as advice to you and it’s not always the most relevant stuff. And what can be really hard especially when you are starting off is that these people are very credentialled and somebody may be sold their company for a hundred million dollars or $1 billion or they took it public and they are telling you a thing and they just don’t have the perspective to understand that that’s actually not relevant for your business or could be bad advice. And so, understanding other folks bias is super, super hard to do however very, very impactful. And of course, you have to understand your own bias. Are you cheap? Are you liberal with your money? Are you somebody who kind of swings for the fences? Are you overly analytical question? All these things have to be reined in because all of your strengths that you should supercharge can also be things that can lead to your detriment. And so, try to be introspective, try to have advisers who will tell you to your face how you are thinking, correctly or incorrectly”…[Listen for More]

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