1520: The Creating of a Gym for Your Mental Health and Wellbeing with Aimée-Louise Carton Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Keep Appy


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Aimée-Louise Carton is the co-founder and CEO of KeepAppy, the app and social enterprise that acts as a gym for your mental health. Her company was born out of her suicide attempt and subsequent recovery. She is described as a having "started a mental health revolution".

“just keep talking. The idea that an entrepreneur hides what they are developing even when they are in stealth mode… Well maybe if they are in stealth mode and it is a really niche industry with highly invasive competitors… But really just keep talking, keep asking people what they think, how they would do it, what they would recommend. Because the more you talk about it the better you will get at pitching, the better you will understand your own business, the better you will understand the sales process, the better you will understand your users. There is no harm in constantly communicating your idea, your goals, what you think it will be”…[Listen for More]

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