1525: Creating a Speciality Food and Drink Wholesaler with Paul Hargreaves Founder and Owner of Cotswold Fayre Ltd


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Paul Hargreaves is the founder and CEO of Cotswold Fayre, a speciality food and drink wholesaler in the UK. As an ambassador for the rapidly growing B Corp movement in the UK, he is is one of the leading voices in the UK encouraging and inspiring businesses to make the world a better place. Since the publication of his book, Forces for Good, in 2019, he is increasingly being asked to speak to other business leaders about business and personal change to this end.

“Rather than surrounding yourself with people who will agree with what you are doing try and put some people in your life who will always challenge what you are doing… Knowing what you are weak at, getting people who are the opposite of you in your life and in your business is always going to help you be a better business person”…[Listen for More]

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