1619: Continuously Tuning into Your Core Audience with Nick Wolny Founder and Owner of Hefty Media Group and Less Noise More Volume LLC


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Nick Wolny is a writer and messaging strategist helping entrepreneurs write content faster than ever before. He’s given over 40 live TV interviews commenting on marketing and technology, writes articles for Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Social Media Examiner, and has been featured with Reader’s Digest, Mens’ Health, VICE, the Houston Chronicle, and USA Today.

“launch often then keep tuning into your core audience… Get on the phone with people in your audience. If you have got a new subscriber ask them if they will get on the phone with you for 10 or 15 minutes and you could just ask them some questions about what they are working on and you will discover that that market research process goes so much faster. And you are also going to discover that there are always cool new products, programs and services to create using your existing expertise and your existing knowledge that are going to help you grow your business in the long run”…[Listen for More]

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