1727: Building a Business at the Speed of Trust with Kathryn Redman and Michael K Redman Founder and Owner of Half a Bubble Out Advertising


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Kathryn Redman and Michael K. Redman are sweethearts, best friends, and the husband-and-wife team behind Half a Bubble Out (HaBO), a marketing and business consulting firm. They’re also founders of HaBO Village, a membership website which helps leaders build Passion & Provision companies, full of profit, purpose, and legacy. For more than 17 years, they have helped business leaders across the world grow their companies through marketing, business coaching, and leadership development. Kathryn and Michael have both taught at the university level and are frequent guest speakers. They currently reside in their hometown of Chico, California, where they love going to work every day.

“finding a community of other leaders. And part of that is the old adage is leadership is lonely. Sometimes when our wrestling through things having other people who understand who are actually doing similar things is really powerful because it’s a little safer. If you have employees you can’t always tell you’re employees you are struggling, that’s not always a good idea… So, having other business leaders that you can go to be like I don’t know how I am going to make payroll and the other person goes you know what dude I’ve been there. Just that kind of power and community is really, really helpful. Just don’t go it alone”…[Listen for More]

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