1728: Building Endearing Great Companies with Brad Giles Founder and Owner of Evolution Partners


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Brad Giles is one of Australia’s most sought-after coaches. An experienced business speaker, adviser and entrepreneur, Brad helps some of Australia’s leading mid-sized firms, CEOs and leadership teams to thrive. He is also the author of Made to Thrive: The Five Roles to Evolve Beyond Your Leadership Comfort Zone

“stop doing other people’s jobs. So, you’ve got to understand if you are a leader and you are doing the sales managers job you are doing a disservice to him and plus you are not doing your job. So, stop doing other people’s jobs, whatever it is. Give people the space around you to thrive. Number two, build cash. Ideally, we want to have a cash reserve for small to medium businesses of two months of fixed expenses cash at bank. If you don’t have cash in the bank and you are worried about paying bills you are never going to be able to think strategically. Then number three is to always have 3 to 5 priorities for yourself, for the whole business, for each of the teams, for everybody in the business to always have 3 to 5 priorities ”…[Listen for More]

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