997: Moving past What Is Holding Your Back with Jodi Pliszka and Jess Pliszka Founders and Owners of Pliszka's Adventures, LLC


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): Jodi Pliszka & Jess Pliszka are professionals in helping people get unstuck and are both experts in how the mind works. More than 60 million people from 22 different countries have been inspired and motivated by their mindset strategies. They have been featured on ABC’S American Inventor TV Show, Lifetime TV’s Health Corner, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS news, Forbes, Entrepreneur, M Magazine, and other media outlets, globally.

“…follow your passion, because if you follow your passion then the money is going to follow and you are going to have lasting success. And I think the big thing is you have to set those goals, create that plan in order to achieve it. That how am I going to do it is the easy part but getting there that’s what takes a lot of time and effort; and it is worth it…. Perseverance is not enough to keep you going, you need to have all those components and all that information presented to you in the right order at the right time in your life to be able to make those lasting changes. So make sure you are well educated on whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish and whatever you are trying to do. In the last piece of advice is use a coach or consultant”…[Listen for More]

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